Monday, 11 August 2014

WALT: Write for an audience.

Kia ora this is my speech about a secret millionaire. I got picked to read it out during our Friday assembly. When It was my turn to read out my speech I felt so scared and nervous that I got stage fright because my mum and dad were watching and listening to me inside of the van.

My Speech

Secret Millionaire

Hi my name is Keisha. I am here to convince you that money should be shared across the world. If I was in control of all the money in the world I would help people who do not have enough money.

The reason why I would help people is because today's people are finding it hard to buy some food and to buy some clothes for themselves. I would buy houses so they had shelter. I would give them money so they can buy whatever they want. Well, what I mean is important items such as shoes, houses, clothes, beds, blankets and a cell  phone.

But what I really would like to do if I had control of all the money is go on the Ellen Show so I could meet her and get her autograph.

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  1. "Hey Keisha"Hine here first of all "Ka Mau Te Wehi"!!! I love your speech it's awesome. I would love to be a millionaire. I think maybe next time you could make a slide about all the reasons you like the Ellen show. Again Ka Mau Te Wehi Mahi!!! Keisha awsome work.