Wednesday, 13 August 2014

WALT: Brainstorm our ideas  from a sentence.

* Write three questions about a curious crow who swims to the bottom of the sea.

Write 3 questions.

1. We need to write questions.
What, How, When, Why, Who, Where, While, did.

Curious crow
2. Bursting to know, eager, keen, enthusiastic, wondering.
lives in trees, chase people, loud, screech, Big beck, black-white.
Likes shiny things.

Swims to the bottom of the sea.
3. Treasure, sunken ships, sand, rocks, shells, kinas, stingrays, sharks, seaweed, Antlantas, whales , mussels, crayfish.

1. What does the curious crow like to eat when he goes  to the bottom of the  sea?

2. How did the curious crow swim down to the bottom of the sea?

3.When did the curious crow go down to the bottom of the sea?

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