Wednesday, 27 August 2014

My certificate

This is my certificate presented by Maths Buddy. I am so proud that I got a certificate because I never thought that I would get this far and I never thought I would beat my other score.


  1. "Hey Keisha". It's Hine here I love your medals their shiny I wish I had one. I love your success in your fractions keep it up. Maybe next time you could put all your successes in a slide. "Ka Mau Te Wehi Mahi"!!! Why were you doing this and what do you think you could do better?

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  3. Hey Keisha Its Liona. First of all Great work. Next time you should think about personal details, you should only ever put your first name on the internet anything could happen some one might even try to be you. But anyway Platinum level aye the best you can get. Gold is also really good. What were you doing and why were you doing it?

    1. Thank you liona and yes i will only put my first name in and i will talk about what was i doing and why was i doing it.