Wednesday, 27 August 2014

My certificate

This is my certificate presented by Maths Buddy. I am so proud that I got a certificate because I never thought that I would get this far and I never thought I would beat my other score.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Five Minute Frenzy

WALT: Increase our basic fact recall speed.

This term we are learning about our five minute frenzy. I never thought that i was going to beat my own score.I felt so proud of myself because I bet my other score.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

WALT: Brainstorm our ideas  from a sentence.

* Write three questions about a curious crow who swims to the bottom of the sea.

Write 3 questions.

1. We need to write questions.
What, How, When, Why, Who, Where, While, did.

Curious crow
2. Bursting to know, eager, keen, enthusiastic, wondering.
lives in trees, chase people, loud, screech, Big beck, black-white.
Likes shiny things.

Swims to the bottom of the sea.
3. Treasure, sunken ships, sand, rocks, shells, kinas, stingrays, sharks, seaweed, Antlantas, whales , mussels, crayfish.

1. What does the curious crow like to eat when he goes  to the bottom of the  sea?

2. How did the curious crow swim down to the bottom of the sea?

3.When did the curious crow go down to the bottom of the sea?

Monday, 11 August 2014

WALT: Write for an audience.

Kia ora this is my speech about a secret millionaire. I got picked to read it out during our Friday assembly. When It was my turn to read out my speech I felt so scared and nervous that I got stage fright because my mum and dad were watching and listening to me inside of the van.

My Speech

Secret Millionaire

Hi my name is Keisha. I am here to convince you that money should be shared across the world. If I was in control of all the money in the world I would help people who do not have enough money.

The reason why I would help people is because today's people are finding it hard to buy some food and to buy some clothes for themselves. I would buy houses so they had shelter. I would give them money so they can buy whatever they want. Well, what I mean is important items such as shoes, houses, clothes, beds, blankets and a cell  phone.

But what I really would like to do if I had control of all the money is go on the Ellen Show so I could meet her and get her autograph.